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New in the Gallo lineup is the sublime, yet powerful  TR-3D Subwoofer. Its appearance follows the familiar lines of its direct predeccessor, but this subwoofer houses a completely new and improved thundering and precise amplification housed inside unique shaped housing.

At the heart of the TR-3D is a long-throw ceramic anodised aluminium cone driver, driven by a powerful 300 Watt Class-D digital amplifier. To make sure it performs to its potential in every room, bass equalisation options allow the user to adapt performance to room size. A small room probably won't require any boost, a large one might benefit from full boost.

TR-3D's cylindrical steel enclosure mirrors Gallo's spherical speaker technology, and allows for smooth, powerful bass - from 18Hz to 180Hz. Additionally, the TR-3 has a continuously variable low pass filter, from 50Hz to 180Hz, with a fixed 100Hz high-pass filter on high-level output.


Anthony Gallo TR3D Subwoofer Black


    In-room frequency response -  18Hz - 180Hz +/- 3db
    Digital power amp -  300 Watts RMS, 600 Watts max.
    Phase - 0/180 switch
    Low pass - 50 to 180Hz, continuously variable with LFE by-pass switch
    High pass - 100Hz fixed, 1st order on high-level output
    Bass EQ - 0, +3dB, +6dB 25 Hz center frequency
    Power - Auto/On/Off: toggle Switch
    Dimensions - 275mm (W) x 305mm (H) x 345mm (D)
    Enclosure type - Hardened steel with S2 Bass loading
    Connections - 2 female RCA phono inputs and 2 female RCA phono outputs (pass-thru) 5-way gold plated binding posts
    Woofer - 10" long throw ceramic coated aluminum

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