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Medical grade fibre cable that carries precise optical data between source and connected equipment.

TOSLINK Optical Audio Data Cables. TOSLINK, (Toshiba Link), is a standard, optical fibre, digital, audio interface. It is widely used in consumer audio equipment like CD players, DVD players, television set-top boxes, games consoles, computers and audio-visual receivers.

Toslink audio cable transmits audio signal via light wave, guaranteeing the best sound quality

Toslink audio cable offers you lossless audio transmission.

Fiber optic is insensitive to magnetic and electrical interference signals, unlike copper based audio cables.




Cable Logic TOSLink Optical Audio Cable 1m

  • The TOSLINK connector was developed by Toshiba of Japan (TOShiba LINK) for the purpose of transmitting digital audio signals.  TOSLINK jacks are covered with a small plastic cap; removing the cap exposes the TOSLINK optical connector inside. A TOSLINK output will glow bright red when it is being powered, and likewise TOSLINK cables also glow bright red at their tip when they are in use. TOSLINK cables are not made of wire but rather a piece of fiber optic cable -- that is, a very thin thread of glass. All TOSLINK connectors conform to the SP/DIF (Sony Philips Digital Interface) standard, a digital protocol designed to ensure compatibility between home consumer digital audio devices.

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