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Enhance your experiences with compact Beam soundbar 

Easy setup
Connecting the Beam is easy. Simply connect to the mains then plug in your TV via HDMI. An optical digital input is also standard. 

As well as dramatically improving the sound from your TV, the Sonos music streaming system is well established as one of the best going. With easy access to your own music library plus support for 50 streaming music services, the Beam has all your entertainment needs covered.

Immersive, cinema-quality sound
With four full-range drivers and a tweeter, the Beam gives a seamless sound across the frequency band. The speakers also push the sound wide, giving you a spacious and immersive sound that you wouldn’t credit from such a compact unit. To make sure that action movies have the ‘edge of the seat’ thrill they deserve, three passive radiators give the bass that extra intensity. For the ultimate in surround sound, you can add two extra Sonos speakers as rears, giving you a great immersive experience. Should you require even more bass then simply add the Sonos Sub and treat yourself to a cinematic experience of awesome power!

For personalised sound, use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble and loudness. Speech Enhancement mode optimises vocal clarity – ideal for documentaries and sports commentary. Night Sound reduces the intensity of sound, making it less intrusive for others around your home.

Use voice control – with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Find the right music for every moment on Spotify. Search any artist or song, create and share playlists, and get personalized recommendations. Listen on Sonos and control the music with your voice, the Spotify app or the Sonos app. With four, far-field microphones on board, Arc can hear you – even from the other side of the room. (Spotify Premium account required for full features).

Get expert help to design and install your dream Sonos system. Our custom service take care of everything, from drilling into your ceiling and walls to connecting your TV. Ask for further details.



Sonos - Beam Compact Smart Soundbar White


    Colour White
    Apple AirPlay Yes
    HDMI Configuration 1
    Optical Inputs Yes - With adaptor
    IR repeater No
    Wall Bracket Optional
    Soundbar yes
    Included Cables HDMI cable, Optical Audio Adapter, flat Ether- net cable
    Internet Radio Services Yes
    Smartphone control Yes
    Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 651 x 100 x 68.5
    Wi-Fi Built In yes
    HDR Compatible HDMI Yes

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